About Us

Premier W.E. was developed by industry professionals who recognized that a common place with unlimited exposure for industry professionals and unlimited access for those utilizing their services was needed.

~Every concept and all aspects of this site took both businesses and site users into account to give them the best exposure and experience possible.~

Premier W.E., LLC provides industry professionals with the ability to market themselves more extensively than ever before!  This common place to connect them with prospective clients will simplify the extensive research process behind planning weddings, events, travel, and selecting industry professionals to build relationships with.

Industry professionals should all take full advantage of this website’s services because it will give them instant exposure to anyone and everyone researching their services.  This site will soon be one of the very first information centers everyone will refer to so that they can obtain qualified local information.

Premier W.E. sets itself apart from others by keeping it ”local”, and making themselves one of the most user friendly sites available.  The concepts portrayed are not only beneficial for businesses; they are equally as beneficial for the site users for all of the same reasons!  Most everyone visiting this site will be a qualified site user. This meaning they are here looking to utilize the services; they are not simply visiting for entertainment purposes.

Premier Wedding and Events is expanding it’s reach…

Check out our current territories and their local sites (thank you for your patience, as some are still being built):

Grand Rapids
Northern Michigan
Ann Arbor

We hope you enjoy your time spent here, and wish you our best as you continue your research process!